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Sample Bags



Our Colombian is our darkest roast and is a classic you won’t want to miss!

With notes of caramel, a luscious mouthfeel, and lots of body, this dark roast is here to please coffee drinkers of all types! We love how well balanced this cup is, and it’s an especially lovely treat with cream and sugar (or maple syrup!) to really bring out that caramel flavor.


A bright and delicious medium roast, our Rwandan is sure to please those looking for a fun coffee to drink!

This coffee has a sweet mouthfeel and has lots of awesome citrus-y notes to get your morning off to the right start. Hey, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to brighten up your afternoon or evening either.


Oh, there’s a lot we could say about our beloved Congo … it’s a crowd pleaser in the best way possible.

A smooth and extremely well balanced medium roast with both bright and caramel notes, we think you might fall in love with the Congo just like we did … love at first sip!

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