Behind the Roaster

We are Who’s Your Coffee Roastery located in Hartford City, IN., owned by siblings Mindy Harvey and Travis Stroud. We like to say that we are coffee snobs without the snob, which is just our way of saying that we take coffee very seriously. But at the same time, we love to have a good time and get to know all of our customers!

In December 2018 we started talking about how difficult it can be to find freshly roasted coffee. We decided to buy a home coffee roaster so we could always enjoy a good quality cup of coffee. Well that idea quickly escalated, and two months later we were on a plane to Minneapolis to go through a training on how to use our brand new 6KG commercial coffee roaster. We didn’t want to be selfish and only roast coffee for ourselves. We want to share it with you! If you have never tasted freshly roasted coffee beans. you are missing out.

We only purchase green coffee beans that are certified fair trade and organic. We are certain that you will enjoy our coffee just as much as we do! Thanks for stopping by!